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Tennis Factory Rally Stations

This colourful and robust Tennis Factory equipment has been developed to create a series of ‘rally stations’ on which to practice the key fundamentals of tennis in pairs and small groups.

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Mini Net

1.5m Net for co-operative and
competitive groundstroke rallying activities and games.

Product Code: FE – TNS001

Micro Net

The ‘top frame’ creates a focus target zone for rallying activities. The height of the Net can be adjusted right up to the top bar.

Product Code: FE – TNS002

Volley Ladder

Focus circle target, for volleying and throw/catch activities, that can be positioned at any height on the upright frame.

Product Code: FE – TNS003


Rebound Box

Rebound net that can be used for groundstroke rallying activities and co-ordination drills. Additional Net available to go on the back of the Rebound Box to enable it to be used from both sides. (FE – TNS006)

Product Code: FE – TNS004 

Rally Station Set

A four piece Rallystation set that comprises of:

1 x Mini Net, 1 x Micro Net, 1 x Volley Ladder and 1 x Rebound Box.

Product Code: FE – TNS005