What is BowlsParc

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BowlsParc is a range of Targets and Obstacles that have been designed to create a highly visual learning environment to help develop the key fundamentals of bowls, used effectively by Clubs it has the potential to transform the way players young and old are introduced to the sport, but it also can be utilised by players keen to improve their ability and performance levels through purposeful practice.

BowlsParc provides fantastic flexibility and functionality giving coaches and volunteers in the Club a modern resource to utilise when coaching bowls and when delivering fun social bowls activity.

The portability of the BowlsParc equipment also makes it an ideal equipment set for delivering bowls activity within the community and when engaging with schools.

Colin Hutchison, National Development Manager - Bowls Scotland

Bowls Scotland's vision is to be 'Scotland's local sport of choice. Successful, modern and accessible to all.' BowlsParc is an innovative product which we believe will play an important role in helping Bowls Scotland to achieve this vision over the next four years. BowlsParc has the potential to change the way that people are introduced to our sport, to challenge perceptions and to assist our member clubs in reaching out to their local communities and encouraging people to try bowls.

Paul Humphreys - Development Manager - Bowls Development Alliance

The BDA were delighted to be made aware of the BowlsParc product, it quickly became apparent that this equipment was unlike anything that was currently available. BowlsParc is a fresh and modern approach to stimulating creativity, innovation and learning through bowls and has greatly enhanced our community engagement delivery. Additionally, a number of our Coach Bowls tutors have been provided with a set and are using BowlsParc to demonstrate to current and future coaches how this new equipment can make their sessions more exciting and visually stimulating.

Whether it is coaches and tutors, new bowlers or experienced players, BowlsParc has been received with great excitement wherever we have taken it.

The BDA are delighted to recommend this equipment and we look forward to utilising it further in the future.

Matt Abbott - Director of Elatus Sports

BowlsParc has completely transformed how we deliver a bowls session to our clients. By introducing various elements of the BowlsParc equipment into sessions we were able to engage players who previously hadn't shown an interest. The vibrant nature of the equipment is visually appealing to our disabled participants and genuinely encourages people to play. It's the perfect addition to the Factory Eleven equipment range.

As a coach, there are few products that match the ability of BowlsParc to engage a group of new and experienced bowlers. The versatile nature means we can deliver an entertaining session and work on skills simultaneously. It holds attention, enables us to be flexible in our delivery and more importantly, play bowls wherever we want and not necessarily on a bowling green.