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SoccerPod Set

The Soccerpod is a soft play learning tool aimed at stimulating fundamental skill development and movement.

The various visual icons on all sides of the Soccerpod help to challenge the young participant when practicing key skills.

Soccerpod – FE-SCR001

Directional arrow and number profiles

007_Product_Soccer - 0828

Player profile

007_Product_Soccer - 0800

Circle target

007_Product_Soccer - 0779

Soccerpod Set - FE-SCR003



007_Product_Soccer - 0863

Softplay learning equipment for use indoors and out.

A Soccerpod set is numbered 1 to 3.

Directional arrows and numbers can influence a range of activities relating to passing, dribbling and movement.

The player profile can simulate a team mate, an opponent and even a diving goal keeper to pass towards, to dribble past or to avoid.

The circle target can be used to pass towards or placed in a goal to shoot at.

Set of three Soccerpods (includes carrybag).